January event planning Meeting

You are all welcome to attend our January event planning meeting today at 12 pm in 340 Ingraham hall (across from the Chican@ & Latin@ Studies Program office)


1st event

Well, we were hoping to have a potluck before the holidays in December, but space on campus is all booked up. Tanya was so kind as to look into booking space for the begginging of next semester, with the result being…

SAVE THE DATE!! Wednesday, January 27 6-8 pm

We’re registered

We are officially a registered student organization at UW-Madison. Congratulations us!

Oct. 26th meeting minutes

Meeting minutes Oct. 26th 12:30-1:15 pm, location: AAP Office

In Attendance: Tanya Figueroa, Cristina Springfield

Excused: Alberta Gloria, Lalo Mancilla

Next steps to take:

  • Set up email account so everyone can have access– Cristina
  • Set up facebook account–Cristina
  • Set up website (eventually)–Lalo
  • Get listserve of Latino grad students–Cristina (with help of Abike Sanyalou)
  • Let faculty know about us–Dr. G
  • Make flyer–Tanya

People to contact: Faustina Bohling (Latino alumni association), Jorge (Multicultural Grad student network), AOF scholars, LAFSA, the latino counseling psych group, anyone else?

We were thinking for this semester, planning meetings could be every three weeks, Mondays at 12:30-1:30, and I can post them that to the blog. Also, this semester we should really focus on networking and letting people know about us, building up a listserve etc. since we are a brand new group of so-far, only 3 members. We were also thinking of planning a first social event to get everyone excited, but to also invite Latino faculty to come too, to just have an informal gathering? Since Tanya is busy with applications to PhD programs and won’t have much time until after Dec. 1st, we were thinking of having the first potluck/social in December? Possibly in the lounge of the MSC (red gym 2nd floor)?

I submitted our student org registration a few weeks ago, but it’s not up on the website yet so hopefully soon we will be able to reserve room space. If anyone else is feeling particularly motivated, we could try to plan another event for November, but we don’t want to burden anyone whose schedule is too busy. Anyway, keep in touch and if anyone has updates/ideas, that’d be great! Our mission statement looks awesome– Paz, Cristina


Welcome/Bienvenidos to the Latino Graduate Student Association (LGSA) of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Be sure to check out our new mission statement!